SeaRey Sea Plane Training Course

SeaRey Sea Plane Training Course

Our SeaRey Elite LSA Amphibian Aeroplane is a perfect place to start when completing a Seaplane Amphibian   Rating. At $290 p/h including GST it is the most cost effective way of getting onto the water. 

The SeaRey is High-Tech, Safe and Ergonomic with an easy to understand EFIS display, the very latest Garmin GPS, AOA Stall Warning System, Gear Position Warning System and a spacious and comfortable interior.
The SeaRey is powered by a Rotax 914 Turbo which allows it plenty of power but maintaining fantastic economy and reliability.
A Seaplane Rating in the SeaRey will cover the following exercises:

  • Tail-Dragger Introduction
    Introduction into tail-dragger aircraft which covers all the effects during take-off, landing and taxiing compared to the standard tricycle aircraft.

  • General Rating Requirements
    As per CAA Form 24061 which stipulates what is required during the type rating process.

  • Normal Water Operations
    Introduction to take-off and landing on water, the general method during every day seaplane flying.

  • Normal Taxiing, Plough Taxiing, Step-Taxiing
    Introduction to the three methods of taxiing on water, when to use them and staying safe applying maritime rules and laws while on the water.

  • Rough Water Operations
    The methods used during rough water take-off and landings.

  • Glassy Water Operations
    Using the Zero-Zero method of approach and landing onto a body of glassy water, by far the most satisfying type of water to land on.

  • Crosswind Water Operations
    On water taking off and landing crosswind is not usually required but when landing in narrow parts of a lake or in a river it may be required.

  • Fresh Water and Sea Water Operations
    How to recognise the wind conditions, deal with different types of water and their associated risks.

  • Sailing
    How to sail the Seaplane unpowered across the water to your beaching, docking or mooring area.

  • Beaching
    The transition between water and land, using known methods to complete the beaching process safely.

  • Emergency Procedures
    SeaRey specific emergency procedures on both land and water.

  • Cleaning and Pilot maintenance
    After our sea water flight lesson, we will discuss and clean the aircraft thoroughly to demonstrate the responsibility required as a Seaplane pilot to maintain your aircraft.
The CAA requires a minimum of 5 hours’ flight time to complete an initial Seaplane Rating but it is very difficult to complete all the exercises in such a short period of time, we have designed the course to be completed in about 10 hours of flight time to make sure you will be “Safe always in all ways”.