Seaplane Endorsement


IMG_20160223_171941.jpgOur SeaRey Elite LAS Amphibian Aeroplane is a perfect place to start when completing a Seaplane Amphibian Rating. It is the most cost effective way of getting onto the water.
The SeaRey is High-Tech, Safe and Ergonomic with an easy to understand EFIS display, the very latest Garmin GPS, AOA Stall Warning System, Gear Position Warning System and a spacious and comfortable interior.
The SeaRey is powered by a Rotax 914 Turbo which allows it plenty of power but maintaining fantastic economy and reliability.
A Seaplane rating in the SeaRey Amphibian will cover the following exercises:

  • Tail-Dragger introduction
    Introduction into tail-dragger aircraft which covers all the effects during take-off, landing and taxiing compared to the standard tricycle aircraft.

  • General Rating requirements
    As per CAA Form 24061 which stipulates what is required during the type rating process.

  • Normal Water Operations
    Introduction to take-off and landing on water, the general method during every day seaplane flying.

  • Normal Taxiing, Plough Taxiing, Step-Taxiing
    Introduction to the three methods of taxiing on water, when to use them and staying safe applying maritime rules and laws while on the water.

  • Rough Water Operations
    The methods used during rough water take-off and landings.

  • Glassy Water Operations
    Using the Zero-Zero method of approach and landing onto a body of glassy water, by far the most satisfying type of water to land on.

  • Crosswind Water Operations
    On water taking off and landing crosswind is not usually required but when landing in narrow parts of a lake or in a river it may be required.

  • Fresh Water and Sea Water Operations
    How to recognise the wind conditions, deal with different types of water and their associated risks.

  • Sailing
    How to sail the Seaplane unpowered across the water to your beaching, docking or mooring area.

  • Beaching
    The transition between water and land, using known methods to complete the beaching process safely.

  • Emergency Procedures
    SeaRey specific emergency procedures on both land and water.

  • Cleaning and Pilot maintenance
    After our sea water flight lesson, we will discuss and clean the aircraft thoroughly to demonstrate the responsibility required as a Seaplane pilot to maintain your aircraft.

The CAA requires a minimum of 5 hours’ flight time to complete an initial Seaplane Rating but it is very difficult to complete all the exercises in such a short period of time, we have designed the course to be completed in about 10 hours of flight time to make sure you will be “Safe always in all ways”.

What Does it Cost?

Learning to fly can be done full-time or part-time with no restriction on how often you fly.

It is much more effective to fly in a smaller period of time as your memory and learning ability is much better utilised when you fly often.

Our hourly rates are below and if you would like a quote for an entire license or course please feel free to contact us.

PRICE LIST @ 1 Sept 2017

Rate per Hour (includes Fuel) GST inclusive


SeaRey Elite LSA Amphibian – ZK-SWM

Hire aircraft with Instructor only                                            $290


Other Costs

Some charges change at different Aerodromes

Airways Fees - at Tauranga per flight                                      $9

Ground Tuition p/h                                                                    $50

Landing Fees Tauranga   (<800KG)                                          $11.75

Landing Fees Tauranga   (800 - 1,650KG)                                $17.25


We are more than happy to provide you a quote for learning to fly at any time.

Discounted rates are available, please send an enquiry below for more information.