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Would you like to find out what it is like to learn to fly?

Come and experience the thrill of flying with a Trial Flight in the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, Cessna 150 or an AutoGyro MTO Sport.

From Only $150

 Who Are We?

Solo Wings Aviation Centre was born from the dream of having an Aviation Centre where all aviation enthusiasts could come together to share stories, get advice, learn something new or learn to fly from the ground up (pun intended).

We have professional instructors here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot, whether you decide to fly Gyrocopters/Gyroplanes, Light Sport Aircraft, Microlights or even Amphibian Aeroplanes.

Our mission is to mould and educate pilots to become, “Safe always in all ways”. We have the aircraft and facilities to teach the following:

- Microlight Pilot Certificate (Aeroplane and Gyrocopter/Gyroplane)

- Private Pilot License (Aeroplane)

- Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane)

- Type Ratings are available on any aircraft, our experienced instructors will get rated an Aeroplane or Gyroplane

Why Learn to Fy?

Becoming a pilot is a thrilling and challenging task which becomes a lifestyle and gets engrained into the people who fly. Passionate aviators either make a career out of aviation or they learn to fly just for fun.  Perhaps you want both and by combining the two you can both make a living and have fun everyday of your life.

You will experience and see the world from a whole different perspective and without roads to follow the sense of freedom is paramount to anything else you will experience.

There is nothing better than taking an afternoon flight down the coast to buy a coffee or ice-cream and flying back, or being a crew member in an airline taking responsibility for hundreds of passengers and having the fulfilment of getting them to their destination safely. The possibilities are endless and here at Solo Wings Aviation Centre we have Aeroplanes and Gyrocopters to get your aviation blood flowing.


What are the Requirements?

In a nutshell, to become a pilot you will require:

- The prescribed flying hours

- A Medical

- The Exam credits relevant to the type of license you wish to achieve

- Some money for your Test flight and CAA fees after you pass

There are specific requirements for each type of License and the best way to go through these and understand them is to give us a call or pop in for a coffee so we can sit down, run through the requirements in detail and discuss your options.

What Does it Cost?

Learning to fly can be done full-time or part-time with no restriction on how often you fly.

It is much more effective to fly in a smaller period of time as your memory and learning ability is much better utilised when you fly often. Our hourly rates are below and if you would like a quote for an entire license or course please feel free to contact us.

PRICE LIST @ 1 Sept 2017

Rate per Hour (includes Fuel) GST inclusive

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer – ZK-JAT

Hire aircraft with Instructor                                                  $205

Hire aircraft only                                                                     $185

Cessna 150M – ZK-SWC

Hire aircraft with Instructor                                                  $205

Hire aircraft only                                                                     $185


Cessna 182 – ZK-JOY

Hire aircraft with Instructor                                                  $330

Hire aircraft only                                                                    $290


Other Costs

Some charges change at different Aerodromes

Airways Fees - at Tauranga per flight                                  $9

  Ground Tuition p/h                                                               $50

        Landing Fees Tauranga   (>800KG)                                     $11.75

        Landing Fees Tauranga   (800 - 1,650KG)                           $17.25


We are more than happy to provide you a quote for learning to fly at any time.

Discounted rates are available, please send an enquiry below for more information.





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